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Small, Cozy and Individual Nest.


Villa Sacra is B&B oriented small guest house in Kamakura city, one of the famous resort spot near Tokyo, and known as ancient capital of Japan as well. This property is in a private land and it used to lent as a private home for long years. When we, WanderKitchen project found this house, we suddenly decided to renovate this old typical Japanese house to unique guest house with Japanese and artsy-craftsy flavour.


The atomosphere of this property is definitely peaceful and calm, quiet and relaxing. The hidden path will guide you into the old house. It will probably remind you of a Miyazaki film.
By the appearance of the building, it seems totally behind the times.

But once, you will step inside through an old-fashioned entrance, you ought to be surprised by its eccentric interior decoration with seductive and mysterious taste of Japan.

All our rooms are not spacious rather small, and all the walls are so thin to block your voice, there are many gaps between frames and all sliding doors.

But we dare to recommend you to stay with us at our inconvenient house, because you'll find something valuable after rising above the world. Let's get try once!

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